I focus on the connection first and all the way through. Without a connection with your horse, a true partnership cannot be achieved. Horses never act out with the intention to frustrate us. I am here to translate what your horse is trying to communicate in his or her behaviour. When the focus is on these elements, training becomes much easier.

I always consider the horse in front of me and will search for a method or combination of approaches that suits the individual horse. I will help you to find the route best adapted to your horse. 

I also abide by the LIMA principles (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) in all corners of my approach. Connect Equine is a place of contact for anyone having problems with their horse. 


Quick fixes do not exist. I work step by step at the horse's pace, in order to remedy any issues encountered along the way. This means the horses I work with trust me and learn to trust their owners. When you build step by step, the horse has time to integrate everything they are being taught and when they are listened to, they can then in turn listen to you.

I can train traditionally, but I largely prefer to incorporate positive reinforcement as much as possible and in many contexts, exclusively. I always search to empower the horse.

I also address the whole horse at all stages of training: if we need to discuss feed, general management, enrichment options, we will. 


I am patient and kind. I want my students (human and equine) to take away good things from their sessions and so I will always do my best to wrap things up on a good note.


I don't shy away from difficult conversations as I always have your horse's best interest at heart. Even in these moments, I stay compassionate and fair. I speak from the heart and care deeply about the work you entrust to me.

I ensure that you understand the how and why of what we're doing with your horse in order for you to both enjoy the process and have a clear vision all the way through.